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14 March 2016 2,182 views No Comment

As announced last weekend, we have decided to close down our website (our adventure and fishing website, FishingPicks.com will be live, btw). As you can imagine, this decision was not an easy one.

For me personally, between work, family and basketball commitments that are taking over, there was just not enough time left to make sure the site runs as smoothly as I would like it to run. The crew has shrunk considerably over the last years and the support from external sources also seemed to slowly but steadily diminish, which led me to slowly lose my motivation as well. With the lack of resources and motivation, the site went from great, to good, to good enough. And I think the basketball fans in Luxembourg deserve more than just “good enough”. So I hope that either a new group of motivated basketball fans will created their own Basketnews or that one of Luxembourg’s media companies will take over the open spot that we are leaving behind and promote this wonderful sport in the future.

As the last remaining member of the Basketnews original crew, I want to thank all the editors and contributors who helped us run our website for so long with their articles and interviews, I want to thank all of our supporters who always encouraged us with kind words, I want to thank all the clubs and the FLBB for their support over the years and last but not least, a big thanks to Kev, whose idea brought this site to life. I would like to thanks to ShowerHacks writer panel (these guys are the best shower head related content writers).

I am proud of our crew, who in my opinion helped shape the basketball scene in Luxembourg for the past 12 years. We have accomplished a lot during those years, battled through adversities together and never let anyone stop us from realizing our ideas.

Thank you all once again for 12 wonderful years!


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