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THE CUP FINALS ON SATURDAY: Everything you need to know

10 March 2016 1,759 views No Comment

T71_Amicale_CoqueThe cup-finals will be played on Saturday.

See below for the previews of both games, team pictures and everything else you need to know (bus-circulation, ticket-prices, …)

When are the games?

The women will play at 17:30, the men at 20.15 in the Coque-Arena!
ETZ Dames Teamphoto

Résidence (+10) – Etzella
Résidence is a team from Nationale 2 that is on a great way of promoting to the Total League. After playing nearly all season without a professional player, the team brought in one pro for the cup-semi-final and afterwards, they acquired a 2nd pro in order to realize the promotion and to be competitive in the cup-final.
Etzella is the current cup-title-holder, can therefore repeat as cup-winner and enters this game as the slight favorite, also because the team was on a good run lately and improved a lot from the start of the season to this point.

10:0 to start
– The women from Walferdange will get a bonus of 10 points as they are currently playing in the 2nd league.
Résidence – T71
RES Teamphoto HommesMen T71It is obvious that T71 enters this game as the favorite after they have won 14 games in a row and sit on top of the standings in the championship. The team around league-MVP Schumacher feels comfrtable in hogh-pressure-situations and a final is another chance to show that they can show their best performance when it matters the most. Ruffato can control the tempo of the game, Schumacher is there in the key moment and Jones has developped into a leader of the team as well, taking over more and more responsibility. Stephens is known to defend at a high level while Anderson has given the team the presence under the basketes they were looking for. Since he play for T71, they have not lost a game.
Résidence, however, is a very dangerous team that can catch fire at any moment. Led by a scoring-combo-guard Richardson, the team has a lot of talent on its roster. When they will be able to make shots to start the game, this can be a very thrilling game … Walfer has shown against Amicale in the semi-finals that they can even come back from a small deficit and while they have their defensive struggles in the championship, they have played extremely well on the defensive end in the semi-final. Luxembourgish coach Amadeo Dias will certainly come up with a game-plan to execute just like they did against Amicale and it will be highly interesting to see what strategy they will use to slow a well-oiled team like T71 down.

How many supporters can we expect?
As every year, there are discussions about the number of visitors in basketball in general. Especially in the cup-final, the number of spectators is being discussed afterwards. It will be interesting to see how many people come to the gym to see the game live at the Arena. Last year, the official number of visitors was 3100 in the men’s game!

Bus circulation
Visitors can take a bus that drives every 10 minutes from the main parkings to the Arena.

Note by the FLBB: “Une navette spéciale circulera toutes les 10 minutes entre le Parking Konrad Adenauer, le Parking Cour de la Justice et la Coque“

A ticket to enter a game costs 12 – 15 Euros for all 3 games (BASCOL, women and men), depending on where you want to sit. Children under 16 years can enter for free.


The final of this competition will be played at 15:00 between “Team teaching“ and “Team Post“.

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