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Ruffato: „We can not underestimate them“

10 March 2016 1,502 views No Comment

Ruffato_UlinGilles Ruffato is the leader on the court for T71. He talks about the upcoming challenge in the cup-final against Résidence on Saturday-evening.

„Walfer can become a very dangerous team when we underestimate them. We can not allow them to find their rhythm, because once they play with confidence, they can beat anybody (like in the semi-finals against Amicale). Then, they hit from everywhere and make life really dangerous for us.
If we play our game, offensively as a team and defensively strong, we have very good chances of winning this title. We do have more experience than our opponent, but as this game is the highlight of the season for them, they will be hghly motivated and try to realize an upset…“

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