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Nationale 2 review and preview

8 March 2016 1,459 views No Comment

Nationale2Arantia took over the lead in the Nationale 2 Playoffs while BC Mess continues to challenge the Hedgehogs for the 2nd place. In the playdowns, it looks like the decision on staying in the league will be fought out between the Red Miners and Telstar.

Grengewald was unable to compete with Contern as the Greens were once again abyssimal from the three-point line as the players of coach Radomirovic finished with 1/17 shots. This was a major problem and as Contern could create the lead in the 2nd quarter, the 21 points and 22 rebounds of Seth Bachand were not enough to make this a close one in the end. Larochette dominated Heffingen easily but the players of Mike Smith faced a reduced Heffingen team where Jalen Nesbitt had to quit the court because of an injury. This opened the way for 5 Arantia players to score in double figures and grab the first spot in the ranking for the moment. The Hedgehogs took the lead over Walferdange in the middle of the fourth quarter but it was only for a short time. They stalled at 72 points for 4 minutes after their lead and Walfer could generate the necessary gap to win this one in the end. Frisco Sandidge had his best game of the season with 32 points and 13 rebounds but it was not enough. Finally, BC Mess continues to be in the race after their road win over Zolwer. Elijah Bonsignore was exceptional with 35 points (at 15/19 shots) and 10 rebounds but he also got the support of Vincent Sunnen who finished with 23 points and 5 three-pointers.

On Friday, the Hedgehogs will travel to Heffingen for an important game. The players of Christophe Flammang absolutely need this road win in order to keep track with Arantia but also to keep the gap with the non-promotion spots. With their limited rotation, the Hedgehogs need all three non-JICL players to compete at their best level but also good input from their local players. After a great regular season, Steven Mersch needs to find back his shooting touch to give the Hedgehogs his presence from behind the three-point line. On Sunday, BC Mess will travel to Contern for the meeting between the former coaching duo Helge Patzak-Nigel Tolentino. The Mess players want to keep their promotion chances alive and they need this road win badly. Bonsignore plays right now at his best level but Marko Vranjkovic needs to become more constant in his performances. If that’s the case, Mess has certainly a possibility to surprise Contern in their gym and keep the pressure up on the Hedgehogs. Grengewald has more or less their last chance to play a role in these playoffs if they beat Zolwer. It is a tough situation with the coaching changes in the South but the players around Gilles Kayser know what’s on the line.

In the playdowns, the three favorites brought back three large victories. Racing dominated the Pirates in Berbourg, the Kordall Steelers had no problems whatsoever to win against a limited Telstar team while Mersch got the important road win in Kayl to reach save territory soon. Racing is now nearly sure to stay in the league and with a victory over the Red Miners in the only game this weekend, the players of Louis Wennig can seal the deal and planify for another season in the N2.

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