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logo_total-leagueAll 5 games will be played on Saturday-evening:
Here are some facts about the play-off-situation:
– If Esch wins against Larochette, they are the 4th team to qualify for this year’s play-offs
– Sparta trails by 2 points to Zolwer and the Pikes
—> If Zolwer wins against Amicale and Sparta loses against Etzella, Zolwer makes the play-off!
–> If Sparta beats Etzella and Zolwer loses, they are only separated by 1 point (Zolwer earns the tie-breaker against Sparta)
–> With a win, the Pikes could basically book their play-off-ticket, even if they can not qualify theoretically (they lost the direct comparison to Sparta)



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Nationale2The New Year is coming closer and the decisions of the regular season in the Nationale 2 are already there more or less after the last weekend.


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Amicale_logoRésidence – Amicale 82:104 (44:58)
– Walfer started the game “on fire“. Moura and Richardson hit outside shots and the hosts lead 21:5.
– Amicale also started strong on the offensive end and scored 26 in the first 10′, many of them coming in fast-break-situations.
– The guests scored easy baskets, at the break, they were already up by 14 points.
– After the break, Amicale cruised to an easy win behind a great team-effort.

– the game was visited by a large number of supporters: around 500

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clogo_etzellaEtzella – Musel Pikes 83:65 (46:27)
– Etzella started strong, taking over a quick 23:8-lead!
– Jairo Delgado controlled US-player Gulley which created a lot of problems for the Pikes in the first quarter and overall in the game.
– Etzella was up big at the break thanky to a great team effort and a clever defensive effort
– After the break, the Pikes tried to get bakc into the game, but it was too much Etzella on this night. The hosts had an answer for everything and finally won easily.

GAME STATS: http://live.fibaeurope.com/www/Game.aspx?acc=11&game_number=10120/2014


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T71_Amicale_CoqueThe 1/4-finals of the cup competition will be played this Wednesday/Thursday. Only 3 teams out of the top 6 in the Total League are left in the race.

20.45: Etzella – Musel Pikes
20.00: Heffingen (+10) – Contern
20.30: Résidence (+10) – Amicale
20.30: Kordall Steelers (+10) – Sparta


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Delgado_NelsonOn the 14th game-day, Etzella confirmed their status of a contender in this season. Even if they had to wait until the final buzzer to beat a strong Arantia-team, the hosts already booked their play-off-ticket after getting their 9th win on the season.
After 2 difficult years with a particpation in the play-downs (where they had nor problem to stay in the league), Etzella now is back on top. Coach Jan Enjebo went trough a difficult season last year but he managed to build a team that plays at a high level this season.

For Sparta, it looks very different…

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clogo_pikesMusel Pikes – Sparta 91:82
–> After a tight start, the Pikes took control and lead by 43:36 at the break
— Sparta fought until the end, but was not able to turn the game around.
–> Sparta trails teh Pikes and Zolwer by 2 points right now – it will be difficult to turn things around over the next weeks

Contern – Zolwer 91:84
–> Hasquet had 16 in the first half and Contenr was up 45:41 at the break.
–> The hosts stayed in front to come up with a close win.

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– The Musel Pikes now only have a 1-point-lead over Sparta and will host the opponent on Sunday! They lost the first game by 13 points.
– Zolwer leads by 2 points to Sparta at this point, but they need to watch out. They face Contern on Sunday, a team that looks better after the coaching-change.