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Basket Esch – Zolwer
This is a big chance for the guests to make a step into the direction play-offs. With a win, their chances will be excellent! Esch, however, needs to get a win in order to stay in touch with Zolwer. And they do not want to give Sparta a chance to catch them.

Prognosis: Zolwer is on a good run and Esch had a tough game during the week. Zolwer is well-rested and could make a big step to make the top 6!



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Nationale2The last weekend, the Nationale 2 has seen some interesting results both for the top and the bottom of the table. Everything remains open with 7 games left in the regular season.


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Schwartz_LaurentThe Musel Pikes were able to beat T71 in the cup-competition and move on to the 1/4-finals.

Laurent Schwartz: „After the loss against Dudelange 10 days ago, we tried to improve some things. We wanted to get more rebounds, which we did. We wanted to play faster (the Pikes had plenty fast-break points, especially at the begin) and we wanted to control Tom Schumacher…

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clogo_pikesCup-champion T71 is out of the race! The Musel Pikes played a spectacular game on Wednesday-evening and realized a big surprise.

Meanwhile, N2-team Heffingen beat N1-team Basket Esch.

All results below.


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Denell_Stephenslogo_flbbAt a press conference, the FLBB announced that Denell Stephens will be part of the men’s national team this summer.

Stephens: „It means ALOT to me! I am extremely Excited to be able to play for Luxembourg in the Small Nations Games. I’ve always told Schumi that I wanted to play for the National team if I had the Chance and luckily this year I do. I Appreciate the Team/Coaches for giving me this opportunity..I just want them to know that I will give 110% no matter what!! And I will do whatever it takes to help the team Win in any way. I can’t wait!!“

The press conference featured some other interesting news. Let’s take a look:

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clogo_pikesclogo_t71This Wednesday and Thursday, the 1/8-finals in the men’s cup competition will be played.

20.30: Musel Pikes – T71
20.30: Racing (+10) – Etzella
20.30: Bascharage – Résidence
20.30: Amicale – Arantia
20.00: Heffingen (+10) – Basket Esch


20.30: Nitia (+10) – Contern
20.30: Schieren – Kordall Steelers
20.30: Preizerdaul (+20) – Sparta


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Briggs_Lewisbasketnews.lu performance of the week award
Maurice Lewis-Briggs (Black Star)
35 points, 20 rebounds in a win against Sparta


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clogo_zolwerIn a very interesting and fast game, Zolwer had the better finish and came up with a 87:78-win over Arantia.
While Zolwer has used the “assist“ by Sparta (that lost in Mersch), Arantia stays on the bottom of the standings.