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logoWe asked Luxemburgish basketball players to tell us
- a) their favorite NBA team and b) their favorite NBA player
- c) I do not watch NBA basketball

In total, 66 players gave us a vote.
Take a look at the results here.

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U18 Boys 2014The U18 Boys National Team, coached by Rainer Kloss, will start their European Championship of Division B tomorrow in Sofia. The team will play in Group B where they face Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands and a very strong Swedish team built around the FC Barcelona point guard Ludde Hakanson. See below for the Luxembourgish roster.


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u18girlsThe U18 Girls National Team registered their first win this afternoon by beating Switzerland 53-45. Lisa Jablonowski dominated the game with 22 points, 14 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks while Claire Nilles had her best game of the tournament so far with 9 points and 6 rebounds. If Germany beats Switzerland tomorrow, Luxembourg will play for the places 12-14 during the last days of the tournament in Romania.

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logo_flbbOur U18-women also lose the 4th game of the EC-tournament against Germany.

GAME STATS: —> http://live.fibaeurope.com/www/Game.aspx?acc=1&gameID=42793

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clogo_pikesThe Musel Pikes signed for 2014-2015 season two foreign players, Tyshon Pickett and Jarmar Gulley. Both players are rookies coming from the same Missouri Valley Conference.

Furthermore, coach Pascal Meurs will be assisted by former player of the team Trenton Wurtz.

Watch highlight videos here.

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logo_flbbthe U18-girls also lost the 3rd game of the competition. At the end, Bulgaria won 88:57.
See game stats below.

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clogo_walferWe got the information that Walfer will sign US born forward Tim Dezelski.  The 1m98 tall forward comes from D2 program Hilsdale College. (more…)

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u20mThe U20 Boys National Team has finished their European Championship of Division B at a 13th place of 14 participants. The players of coach Ken Diederich won against Switzerland today and avoided the last place.